This book is the first attempt to inventory the arches of the GSENM. It covers two of the three physiographic provinces of the MONUMENT, the drainage basin of the ESCALANTE RIVER on the east, and the KAIPAROWITS PLATEAU in the center of the MONUMENT.

The arches now known in this region are named in the arch list. There are chapters that describe trips of various lengths, by auto, boat and hiking.

There is an introduction to the areas geology including a little information about stratigraphy and geomorphology. Some local history on the area, field notes and commentary on routes with photos.

The arch list provides the name of the arch, the name of the topo map the arch is found on, latitude and longitude. It also provides the size, type, geology, access and exposure of the arch.  Download a current copy of the Arch List here.

A resource guide for all backcountry enthusiasts, canyon country hikers and back packers.

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